I’m now
back in Sweden after six weeks in Peru, and I have to say that I already miss
the house in Villa Maria and all people that lives there or works with the
project. My last evening in Lima was probably the best during my entire stay in
Peru. We celebrated Jenny’s birthday and at the same time the guys wanted to
have a “good-bye” party for me, which I was very honored about.

The house
was filled with people that wanted to celebrate Jenny. She started to work as a
volunteer on the streets and at prisons when she was just 13 years old. Now almost 30 years later there are a lot of
people who want to thank her for her amazing support and help. Here are some
pictures from this really nice evening.

It was very
sad to say goodbye to all these amazing people. It has been fantastic to see
how the project has developed during the last year and it continues to grow.
I’ve been working with this project for almost three years and after this trip
I feel even more determined to continue my work in this organization , because I
know how much good that comes out of it . Almost all of the guys that are
staying at the house , have been staying there or received help from the project in other ways
are all saying that they would probably not been alive today if it weren’t for
this project. So therefore I’m once again asking all readers of this blog to
please support our project. Every cent goes straight to the house and to the
people who need it. It really makes a
big difference for so many people.

I also want to show the fantastic gift I
received from the guys. I was indeed touched when they held a speech for me and
then gave me this huge gift. Although… it was a bit tricky to get it on the
plane back home.

Next time
someone writes on this blog, it will be one of our voluntaries. So keep an eye
on open for the blog in December when they arrive to the house.