Today the
local church had arranged a course where law students visited the house to
teach about human rights. This kind of initiative is indeed welcome because the
guys’ stories about their past lives on the streets of Lima reveal that their
human rights have been violated several times. For instance, they had no secure
place to stay at and they lacked access to health care and education. To
prepare them for a life outside our project they do need both confidence and
knowledge about their actual rights.

this week I took all guys from the house and also the staff for a dinner at a
classic “pollo a la brasa”-restaurant. This kind of restaurant serves grilled
chicken with french fries which probably is all Peruvians’ favorite food.

The waiter
was almost unable to understand what I meant by being a vegetarian, so it took
a while for him to actually believe me when I said that I didn’t want any
chicken. But even if my dinner solely consisted of French fries, it was a great
evening and it will probably be one of the best memories I’ll have from my time
here in Peru. Below you see Alex that didn’t want to leave the restaurant at
all, not even when all of us had left the table.

Take care!