A couple of nights ago, I went to the cinema with the guys. It was a long time since they did something just for fun, simply because our project often can’t afford activities or expenses beyond the basic needs. So I think that they appreciated the visit at the cinema a lot.

Not everyone could go to the cinema, because some of them are too sick to be able to leave the house, but at least ten of us went there. It took ages before we finally left the house, because all the guys wanted to change their clothes (several times), fix their hair….

It is rather different to go to a cinema in Peru, compared to Sweden. People are talking with each other during the movie, playing with their phones and also loudly commenting what happens in the movie. But it was still a great evening and I hope that we have time to do it again before I leave Peru.

When I came to the house today, Daniél and Álvaro showed their amazing work with the earrings and bracelets. They work extra hard these days so that I can bring as much jewelry as possible with me to Sweden. We will sell the jewelry in Sweden to benefit the house and the project. If you’re interested in buying Peruvian jewelry, handmade by the guys at the house, you’re welcome to contact us: seperu@ifmsa.se

Hasta luego!