Yesterday I spent the whole day with Jenny and there is no question that she lives a busy life. I think that we by the end of the day had been in every little part of the entire district of Villa Maria del Triunfo.

I met up with Jenny at her school where she works as a teacher. After that we stopped by the local church to pick up some gifts. Quite often the church donates food, which is needed as it currently lives many people at the house and the food costs are therefore high. The local church also helps out with other expenses that we can’t afford to pay with the money sent from Sweden every month, for example funeral costs. Father Amadeo (in the picture below) is one of those who really supports the project.

When we finally came to the house, Natalia was there on visit. She is a doctor from the local primary care clinic and a also great supporter of the project. We will soon open up a small clinic in our house for other tuberculosis patients in the area, and Natalia will be responsible for this clinic. There are a lot of tuberculosis patients in the area, and even if we can’t let everyone stay at the house, our project can at least help out by giving free and available medical care.

It feels great to see that there are local forces that are supporting our project and also that our project helps other patients in the neighborhood. I think our project will grow even bigger by this local cooperation.

Take care!