Sometimes, or quite often I should say, it’s somewhat turbulent in the house. There might be an argue between some of the guys, dogs running in and out of the house, guests that come to visit and everyone talks at the same time… This is definitely both fun and exciting but it can sometimes be a bit difficult to keep up with what’s happening and my Spanish is far from perfect.

It was therefore rather nice yesterday to experience a calm day for once at the house. I was then able to talk more thoroughly with some of the guys. Daniél told me more about his life and why he came to Lima. He was born in a city far up in the Peruvian mountains and when he was 8 years old his mother passed away and at the same time his father started to abuse alcohol. He lived for a while with a another family but it didn’t work out for various reasons. Shortly after his mother died he took a bus to Lima hoping to find himself a new life. Below you’ll see a photo of him and his mother (the only photo that he has of her).

For me it is almost impossible to imagine a 8 year old kid head off to a city like Lima on his own and actually survive it! But many of the guys have quite similar life stories and some of them were even younger when they ended up on the street.

Frank also showed me some photos, mostly of him and Jenny. Almost everyone of the guys see Jenny as their mother, because she is the only grown-up that has cared about them and actually showed them respect. Below is a photo of Frank and Jenny.

After a while, everyone wanted to show their photos and finally they started to ask me thousands of questions all at the same time. At first I tried to calm them down but it did not work out at all. Then I just started to laugh about it. At least I experienced a couple of hours of peace and quiet in the house…